[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Rusty Knight is located in a rural farming community nestled at the base of the smallest mountain range in the world. We try to live a homesteading lifestyle; gardening, spend time with our pets, enjoying their antics, and when time permits we both work on The Rusty Knight.

We started with a crazy idea… wouldn’t it be great, if, when we retired we could have a small internet business, a place for us to express our “unique sense of style”?  We would want to offer not only unique items, but one-of-a-kind, limited production, vintage and “saved items” – recovered relics of another time, often given “new life”. Our interests are very eclectic so we wanted to offer items that speak of a time that could have been – like our imaginative Steampunk line.  And other lines speak of our love of history with our romantic, renaissance- and Viking- inspired jewelry.

Why did we decide to call ourselves The Rusty Knight?   We know. Rural country and a knight don’t really make sense.  Well, when we have a moment, too few now a days, we are involved in the SCA, (Society for Creative Anachronisms). The SCA is an international group that enjoys medieval history – check it out. Yes, that is Stephen, he dresses up in armor and sword fights…or he puts a can on his head and runs around with like-minded people beating each other with sticks in 100-degree weather at the amusement of  “sane people”.  No that’s not Stephen on the home page but our youngest son who also fights.

Since, as we said, we live a homesteading lifestyle, we are of course, pet friendly.  We strive to keep all our merchandise pet free but our products can be exposed to our menagerie: cats, dogs, chicken, ducks, geese, goats and a grumpy old Conure named Taz. We are however, smoke free.

So, that’s the story of The Rusty Knight, we hope you like our collection of products.  Stop by often, items change out constantly.

Our Rusty Knight, is, well, a little rusty, sometimes a little dusty, but its heart and soul are chivalrous.

Stephen and Teresa