Product Description

Here is a vintage Monet wedding bangle bracelet from the 1960’s. It is gold plate, bright and smooth to the touch! This is a one size bangle bracelet and has an inside diameter of a little over 2 1/2 inches. Well known for its triple plating, Monet jewelry has been known to show almost no signs of wear on pieces that are many decades old. This bracelet is in excellent vintage condition.

Monet jewelers were started in the 1930’s as a monogram company and slowly expanded into costume jewelry of quality. The Chernows brothers, the owners and creators, believed that there were  women of discriminating taste in the market for affordable fashion jewelry. Boy, were they right! Monet has seen many incarnations and is now a part of J C Penney’s.

Please remember this is a piece of vintage or retro jewelry. Most of it is used and will show some signs of “normal wear” that comes with age. We are very careful not to destroy any patina that may have formed as we think it adds to the beauty of these pieces. Of course you may want to polish or clean off the patina, and that is totally up to you. As we describe each piece if we find any flaws or defects we will point them out in the description. If we have made repairs, we will also note these in the description.